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Fantasy Art Articles

Boy's Own Fantasy

HERE it is, glorious from every angle, the quintessential British muscle car, the epitome of a certain something that was the 1960s, the perfect transport from one Boy's Own fantasy to the next.

Will Life Mimic Fantasy?

IS LIFE about to imitate art? The last two series of The West Wing followed the fortunes of a fictional congressman Matt Santos, a Latino whose promise of change and refreshing honesty on the stump led him to be a serious contender in the Democratic primary race.

Magic Mixof Flicks

The Golden Compass, based on Phillip Pullman's fantasy novel Northern Lights, was locked in early. So was the Disney fantasy Enchanted, about an animated princess transported to contemporary New York.

Art In The Fast Lane

The term 'creative' has been so overused and commercialised it's losing its impact.

Naked Truth Behind The Buzz

Julie Rrap: Body Double Museum of Contemporary Art Until January 28